Izabel Camille's charity project

Izabel Camille is much more than just a Danish jewelery brand.

Izabel Camille are characterized by their strong focus on charity and sustainability.

The designer Kamille Østergaard says:

"I focus on ideas and development, both of collections and concepts for Izabel Camille, but also Charity projects and sustainability are important parameters in the future Izabel Camille.
At Izabel Camille we are proud that so many want to buy our jewelry. We believe that it is important to give back. Currently, we employ many Indians to produce our jewelry - and gives them an income opportunity in our factory orderly. In addition, it is important to help where our help is really needed."

Girls and women's conditions are still very poor in India. If they do not have the important security from family and networking, the risk of prostitution, bad marriages or a life on the street can be threatening living conditions for them. Some girls are found on the street or have been brought to the orphanage because of their parents' death and they have no family. It is crucial to give these girls the best chances in life with a safe environment, proper food and education.

If you buy a piece of jewelry from Izabelle Camille's Charity Collection, which consists of the beautiful Saniya earrings, Saniya earsticks and Saniya ring, Izabelle Camille donate money to an Indian girl-orphanage in Jaipur.

At each sold jewelry in this series they donate:

  • a meal
  • a textbook
  • a donation for their education 

Here at A-Hjort we would like to support Izabel Camille's charity work - and therefore we sell all of the Charity collection jewelry. It warms our hearts when Kamille Østergaard want to help others - and we hope you will also come to support.

Sincerely Anne 💘

Kamille Østergaard on one of her visits to an Indian orphanage.