Get inspiration for your jewelry looks and more

Get inspiration for your jewelry look and more

We all know it, having bought a piece of jewelry that we suddenly do not know how to style or combine anymore. It was bought for a reason, but still ends up lying back in the jewelry box.

The problem of being creative, mastering the style and putting together the right look, you are not alone with. We have therefore gathered a lot of inspiration, great looks and styles on our Instagram. Here at A-Hjort, we make an effort to put together beautiful and unique looks for every taste, regardless of whether it is raw, feminine, classic or completely casual. 
Here you will definitely be inspired by our mix and match. We have gathered all styles in one place, so you do not have to search the web thin. With a little input from us, you can easily become an expert in creating your own unique look that you can use for everyday and different occasions - depending on what you want!

Below you see a glimpse of our Instagram where Signe mixes a nice ear look, with jewelry from Pico and Pernille Corydon. On A-Hjort's instagram you can see many more mixes of jewelery and combinations, as well as funny clips about what is going on behind A-Hjort. Here you can also get instructions on how to maintain and care for your jewelry so that they always shine when you wear them.

Follow our guide below and get inspired - or check out our instagram!

Jewelry suggestions for you 
Below you see a clip of our Instagram, where Signe has selected 3 of her favorite looks. At the same time, Signe has briefly described what she associates with the individual styles and for what occasions she would use the different looks.

The classic look  

Classic style in jewelry - a combination of beauty, elegance and taste. The jewelry in this category is simple, has clean lines and may well be shiny in its expression. This look is ideal for the style-conscious and who likes a classic and safe choice.

Party look

The party look is a combination of colors, patterns and wildness. The jewelery is in focus and often in a mix with other jewelery where design, shapes and crazyness have been experimented with.

This look is perfect for festive events or just for the simple outfit that needs to be spruced up a bit. It can be worn by all age groups.

The Casual look

The Casual look is a combination of beauty, comfortable and calm jewelry. The style is perfect for the informal everyday life, where you want a little extra details, while at the same time being comfortable.