A-Hjort pendants

A-Hjort pendants are simple jewelry with beautiful motifs that can adorn your bracelet, necklace or even your ankle chains. Pendant from A-Hjort is in high quality sterling silver 925 or with 1 micron 24 ct. gilding on top of Sterling Silver 925. Find your favorite pendant below.

Pendant as the perfect gift

Pendants are ingenious jewelry because one can put them on many types of jewelry. You can decorate yourself with as many charms or pendants as you would like and a pendant is therefore also a great gift to receive. In addition, pendants with motifs can have a very special symbolic meaning, which can accompany the gift to the person you care about. A heart pendant most often symbolizes love, a cross can symbolize faith and youth, and a bird can symbolize the joy of life and freedom.

Spice up your chain

A pendant from A-Hjort can help change the look of your bracelet or necklace from simple to more sophisticated. When you add pendants to necklaces, you give the chain a slightly more exciting look. You can hang a single pendant on your necklace, but it is not forbidden at all to unfold your creativity and put together several cute pendants on a chain. Especially Stine A Jewelry are super good at showing examples of how to "stack" several necklaces with pendants.

If you already have a necklace, the last step is simply to search for beautiful pendants. We can guarantee you that there are pendants for everyone, whether you are for gold pendants or silver pendants, heart pendants, pearl pendants or pendants shaped like a motif. You can also explore other cute pendants from all the popular Danish jewelery brands: Enamel Copenhagen, Izabel Camille, Sistie, Carré and Stine A Jewelry.

Find pendants from A-Hjort on offer and explore our online jewelry outlet, where you can find discounts on designer jewelry.