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Winberg jewellery

Behind the exclusive jewellery brand Winberg is the style conscious jewellery designer Lea Winberg.

It was love at first sight, when Lea at the age of nine visited a small bead shop in Copenhagen. The passion grew, and already as a child Lea began exploring her creative talent and eye for aesthetic jewellery. In 2012 a lifelong dream combined with a passion for creating beautiful and timeless jewelry for the modern woman manifested in the jewellery company Winberg. 

When you buy the feminine jewellery from Winberg, you are guaranteed quality, concern for the environment and work conditions and creativity all in one. The designer strives for excellence and does not compromise with materials or design.

Giza Set w. earstud & back piece (Winberg)

Winberg - Earrings - Silver sterling 925

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    Winbergs collection

    Lea is fascinated by the craftsmanship and finds peace in the immersion that comes with designing and processing of pieces in precious metals. With a degree in precious metals from Copenhagen Technical Academy and the title as design technologist, she has a solid understanding of the use of materials in jewellery design. Lea is thrilled by the potential of the precious metals, the contrast between materials and graphical shapes, which in combination create beautiful and aesthetically pleasing jewellery that piques the curiosity.
    In addition to the materials' high quality, Winberg focuses on working conditions and production methods. Today a part of the company's production is in India, where skilled goldsmiths are crafting each piece of jewellery in high quality under good conditions. In this way Winberg ensures better working conditions and takes responsibility for the production. The designer herself also works on the collection in the workshop at Værnedamsvej in Copenhagen.

    Winberg materials and colours

    Winberg only uses sterling silver 925 and the gilt is made of 18 carat gold. All the materials comply with the stringent Danish requirements and are tested frequently. Winberg is a member of the Precious Metal Authority in Denmark.

    Winberg's jewellery is available in the following materials:
    Silver -sterling silver 925
    Gold plated
    – sterling silver gilded with 18 carat gold
    Rhodanized silver – sterling silver which is lacquered to give it a dark, rustic surface
    Black zirconia is used in some of her designs

    A-Hjort recommends – Winberg favourites

    1. Our definite favorite from Winberg is her delicious and cool Totem ring. It is unique in its design and sits very well on one's hand while it is different and powerful.
    2. Another of our favorites is her beautiful, beautiful Fang earrings. It is super cool design and sits so beautifully up one's ear.
    3. A cool detail is her beautiful Open Tripple ring. It is so elegant and feminine while it at the same time looks like you're wearing three rings in one.

    Miks og match med Winberg

    Mixing jewelry from Winberg is super cool. Try to mix the beautiful Rhombus ring with her Three points ring - or her Rodeo ring with Vee ring.
    One can also mix the more simple rings with one of the large statement rings such as Talulah or Totem.
    We also love to mix Winbergs jewelry with Stine A's 2 dots earring or 3 dots necklace and with Pernille Corydons various jewellery - there are no limits.
    Only one's own imagination determines mix and match options.