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Stine A jewellery

Stine A makes jewellery because she cannot refrain from doing so. The pieces combine daily life with luxury and accentuate the beauty women possess.

The pieces are feminine with raw and classic undertones. Stine A loves to combine the feminine with other idioms – the aesthetic, the sensual and the humorous. Often it is the interaction between contrast and simplicity that gives life to the piece.

Stine A loves the fact that jewellery allows for both underplaying and overplaying the customer’s style. Both have advantages, and it doesn’t take much to play with style in one’s daily life.

The most important thing for Stine is that the piece isn’t just an accessory, but a crucial factor in the customer’s personal expression.

Love Letter pendant (Stine A)

Stine A - Pendant - Goldplated sterling silver 925

Small Tiger Tooth pendant

Stine A - Pendant - Rhodinated

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    Two big pearl earrings

    Stine A Jewelry collection

    Stine A does not work according to trends, but is always on the lookout for new inspiration. Often she finds it by studying the frontrunners in international magazines and letting them inspire her. Sometimes inspiration comes more directly. It could be a beautiful button on a blouse, an intricate detail in a renaissance building or something else that happens to cross Stine’s path. Elements from nature are also a major source of inspiration.



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    Stine A materials and colours

    Stine A uses only sterling silver 925 and the gilt is made of 18 carat gold. All the materials comply with the stringent Danish requirements and are tested frequently. Stine a is a member of the Precious Metal Authority in Denmark. Stine A only works with precious metals and gems in order to preserve the exclusive quality of the pieces.

    Stines A’s jewellery is available in the following materials:
    Gold plated – sterling silver gilded with 18 carat gold
    Black rhodanized silver – sterling silver which is lacquered to give it a dark, rustic surface
    Silver - sterling silver 925

    Stine A also uses the white gem zircon.


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    A-Hjort recommends – Stine A favourites

    1. Our absolute favourite and must have from Stine A Jewelry is her amazingly beautiful 6 Dots bracelet.
    2. 7 Dots earring are a beautiful classic from Stine A that can be used year after year, and which can be styled up or down for daily use or partying.
    3. Dancing Chains behind the ear from Stine A is beautiful, elegant, modern and unique. You have to have it and wear it both daily and to parties.

    Mix and match with Stine A Jewelry

    Stine A’s jewellery can be worn in a variety of different ways so it changes looks and design according to the personality wearing it.
    All the pieces are so fantastic that it can be difficult to choose your favourites. It’s a good thing that one can mix them all and continue to buy new favourites for your collection. Feel free to combine materials and designs from Stine A.
    Mix earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings in all the designs, and you can create a new look every day, according to your mood and your plans for the day. Stine A’s Jewelry pieces combine beautifully with Pernille Corydon’s pieces.