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Plissé Copenhagen was founded by Tina Fohlmann in 2014. The fashion industry's trends and high quality are characteristics of all Plissé Copenhagen's jewelery and hair accessories - often with a twist of humor and personality that distinguishes the brand from the classic 'pure' Nordic look.

Plissé Copenhagen collection

Plissé Copenhagen's jewelry and accessories are inspired by the legendary shapes and expressive materials used in the 1970s. Their interpretation gives their products a personal touch while keeping an eye on current trends.

Plissé Copenhagen materials and colours

Plissé jewelry are mainly made of 18 karat gold or silver plated on brass (processed) or steel and is guaranteed nickel free.
This ensures that they maintain a high quality standard while keeping prices at an affordable level.

All stones used on the jewels are selected marble, turquoise, topaz stone, swarovski crystals or freshwater pearls.
Please note that certain items are made with thin carved materials and therefore are likely to cause damage when they fall or are exposed to rough handling.

Mix and match with Plissé Copenhagen

Mix all the pleated jewelry on the cross. Or mix them with other Danish jewelry brands from the website for your very own look.
Remember to shop their many beautiful hair accessories too!