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Lulu jewellery

"We believe good design always starts with an interesting idea. Thats why all our designs tell a story." - Lulu Badulla

Lulu creates beautiful minimalistic jewellery that has a feminine feel. Apart from the lovely designs, each piece has its own story, giving the piece character and personality.

Lulu is a hot new Danish jewellery brand where minimalism and edgy design are coupled with a charming, innovative feminine look and an interesting story.

A-Hjort is very proud to be selling the entire Lulu range of jewellery.

Invisible ring (Lulu Badulla)

Lulu Badulla - Ring - Goldplated sterling silver 925 - 54 eurosize

Secret necklace (Lulu Badulla)

Lulu Badulla - Necklace - Silver sterling 925 - Adjustable

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    Lulu collection

    "Every release we do, is its own collection. We believe that every design should tell its own story and live its own life. This is the simple rationale for why we don’t do collections." - Lulu

    Lulu does not do collections. Instead, the focus is on every single design, which is its own collection in itself. Each piece has its own exciting story, and each time there is a new story to tell, another unique piece emerges from it. Lulu Badulla creates beautiful minimalist jewellery, which has a feminine touch, with character and personality. New, attractive graphic lines are combined with concepts such as love, the planets, tools and our DNA!


    Lulu’s materials and colours

    Lulu uses only sterling silver 925 and their gold plate is made of 18 carat gold of a particularly high quality as it is coated with up to 2-3 micron. All the materials conform to rigorous Danish standards and are frequently tested. Lulu is a member of the Danish Precious Metal Authority, and they work solely with precious metals in order to maintain the exclusive quality.

    Lulu's jewellery is available in the following materials:
    Silver – sterling silver 925 with a shiny or matte surface.
    Gold plated – sterling silver 925 gilded with 18 carat gold with a shiny or matte surface.
    Rhodanized silver – sterling silver 925 lacquered to give a darker black/grey surface.

    A-Hjort recommends – Lulu favourites

    1. A huge favourite of mine from Lulu is their unique Robin earstud. It is their statement earstud and a must have for all Lulu fans. It is innovative in design and in the way in which it is worn.
    2. The Marilyn necklace has such a beautiful design. I have it myself  in gold plate. The pendant is shaped like a proper faceted diamond in a 3D effect, such a brilliant idea. It is supercool and can be worn with a Mountains necklace
    3. Blink ring is a lovely classic ring but with a modern edge to it. Since I love this ring which can be used in many ways and for many seasons to come, and which is both feminine and cool in its design, it has got to be among my list of favourites.
    4. The Mountains necklace is the symbol of a lot of small mountains that lie beautifully  around the neck. It is really raw, cool and feminine all at once. And this winter, when turtle necks are in once more, it makes for a great look lying on the turtle neck.                          


    Miks af Lulu Badulla smykker

    Mix and match with Lulu

    Lulu’s jewellery mixes and matches brilliantly. All the pieces are so amazing that it is difficult to choose a few as favourites, so it’s a good thing that one can combine them all, and add new favourites to the collection. Feel free to mix materials as well as designs from Lulu Badulla. Their minimalist style makes it possible to combine them with pieces from the other designers in the webshop. For example, put Lulu’s Marilyn necklace together with a shorter necklace like Stine A’s 3 Dots necklace. Another great combination is the Robin earstud together with the fabulous Tools earstud.