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Louise Kragh jewellery

"All of our jewelry is handmade in Denmark. We are focused on being close to the production. We make unique jewelry and this requires us to be included in the entire process. From the first ideas to the actual making of the jewelry. We have rolled so many pearls - and we still do."

-Louise Kragh

Louise Kragh started designing and producing porcelain jewellery in her workshop in 2004. All the pieces are handmade and fired in Denmark in her own workshop. Louise Kragh’s trademark is mixing hard porcelain with feminine simplicity and softness. Louise Kragh’s jewellery is simple, timeless and feminine. It has its very own radiance and is the epitome of Scandinavian style at its best. One of the characteristics of porcelain is the vivid crackled surface which becomes more obvious with use and which gives Louise Kragh jewellery even more personality.

Calla bracelet Dark Purple

Louise Kragh - Bracelet - Goldplated sterling silver 925 - Adjustable

Hang On Matt Black Letter pendant

Louise Kragh - Necklace - Goldplated sterling silver 925 - Pendant

Leaf necklace

Louise Kragh - Necklace - Goldplated sterling silver 925 - Adjustable

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    Louise Kragh pearl making

    Louise Kragh collection

    Louise Kragh divides her collection into sub-collections. In each of the ”sub-collections” there are earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets.

    Typical for them all is her use of porcelain, either in the form of fine beads or special dots. The unique glazes  for the colours are made in Louise Kragh’s own workshop, and each porcelain has a texture and softness that makes the piece feminine. In time, the cracking of the surface that occurs during firing can be seen. This gives the piece a more personal character.
    Louise Kragh has also created an entirely collection with freshwaterpearls.

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    Louise Kragh's materials and colours

    Louise Kragh uses only sterling silver 925, and all her 24 carat gold plate, black rhodanization and oxidization is done in Denmark. All the materials live up to the strict Danish requirements, and are tested frequently. Louise Kragh is a member of the precious metal control board.

    Louise Kragh’s jewellery is available in the following materials:
    Silver – Sterling silver 925
    Gold plated – sterling silver plated with 24 carat gold
    Black rhodanized silver – sterling silver 925 which has been laquered and becomes darker with a black/grey surface

    All the dark necklaces have been darkened through oxidization. All the dark rings, bracelets and earrings have been rhodanized to create the dark rustic look. Additionally, Louise Kragh makes different colours for the porcelain. She has the finest, most unusual colours which she updates every year, at the change of the seasons.



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    A-Hjort recommends – Louise Kragh favourites

    1. Prettiest Baroque earrings unique and absolute musthave's.
    2. Beautiful Fall bracelet - Available in many color varieties.
    3. Beautiful and timeless necklace Compass.
    Mix n match with Louise Kragh

    Mix and match with Louise Kragh

    Mixing with Louise Kragh is really cool. You can mix her colours however you like.
    Mix the colored look with other of our Danish jewellery brands. It is your own imagination that decides the mix and match possibilities