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At A-Hjort, we love silver jewelery for their shiny appearance, and we sell a wide selection of jewelery in silver. Close to all the silver jewelry is sterling silver 925 and in the very highest quality. If you are a silver girl, or if you need to buy a gift for someone who loves silver, then we can guarantee you that you can quickly fall in love with one or more of our many silver jewelry! Read a little more about silver and gold jewelery on A-Hjort's blog. You can also see all our gold jewelry here.


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The glittering and luxurious silver jewelry

If you are here at A-Hjort' with the beautiful selection of silver jewelery, we guess that you love jewelery with silver. Or, maybe you have searched for silver jewelry at A-Hjort because you need to find the perfect Christmas gift, gift for birthday or even for a confirmand. Whether the one you love wants earrings in silver, necklaces in silver, bracelets in silver or a ring in silver - then A-Hjort is the perfect place!

We understand that one loves to wear silver jewelry. We ourselves are crazy about that! Silver is a unique metal and can with its beautiful and glistening radiance lift your expression to an even higher level.

At A-Hjort, you can easily look for the most beautiful and elegant silver jewelery for every taste. Everyone who loves to adorn themselves with silver can find a silver jewelry for their look, whether you are the silver girl who goes for the shiny, feminine expression in silver jewelry, or if you are more into the raw and chunky look in jewelry with silver. We have it all, so just hurry up and explore our large range of silver jewelery.

Brilliant silver earrings

When you wear silver to your beautiful and tanned face, the glitter in silver jewelery helps to give you an elegant and cool look. Silver earrings creates a balance between the warm and colorful summer colors as well as the brilliant earrings in silver. At A-Hjort you can treat yourself with silver earrings in both small and large sizes, and you can find hoops in silver, chain earrings in silver, small innocent silver earrings or brilliant earcuffs. Shop your next silver earrings right here and see for example all the different silver earrings from STINE A Jewelry that you can combine in countless ways.

The significant necklaces in silver

Silver necklaces are so eye-catching because the silver shines through and focuses on the neck. Silver necklaces can be super nice to wear during the winter period on top of your warm favorite sweater or on top of a high-necked long-sleeved sweater. Silver plated jewelry on the neck, can therefore help to emphasize your outfit and the personal style you have. Go on and search of your favorite necklace in silver right here.

Silver on silver

We absolutely love all silver rings and we love to decorate our hands with silver finger rings. Find exactly the silver ring that suits your style best and choose between silver rings in unique shapes from Maanesten, silver rings with youthful expressions from Sistie, simple and elegant rings in silver from Pernille Corydon, shiny silver rings from Izabel Camille or find your next silver ring as a gift from Enamel Copenhagen, Carré, A-Hjort or our other popular jewelry brands!

The combination of several beautiful metals

There is a trend in the composition of gold and silver jewelery at the same time, and A-Hjort would like to be part of that! You can calmly mix and match your rings, bracelets, ankle chains, necklaces and earrings with both silver and gold jewelry, so you create your very own unique look. Find your gold jewelry here.

Are you looking for silver jewelry on offer? So see more in our online outlet right here!