Do you love gold jewelry? Find all A Hjort's jewelery in gold

At A-Hjort, we have a wide selection of jewelery in gold. The jewelry can be gold plated sterling silver 925, gold plated brass or solid real gold. Decorate yourself with gold jewelry in all shapes, colors and sizes - only the imagination sets limits on how you can combine your gold jewelry. Shop your next gold piece of jewelery below, and read more about silver and gold jewelery on A-Hjort's blog. You can also see all our silver jewelry here.


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You shine in gold jewelry

Gold is the essence of luxury. We have to be honest about that. Gold jewelry can be something very special because they shine with divinity and give a special warmth to your look. The warm tones of gold jewelry can help bring joy and light to your face, wrist or neck when wearing gold-plated earrings, gold-plated necklaces, gold-plated rings or gold-plated bracelets.

With gold jewelry, you can easily add elegance if you are going to a festive occasion such as a wedding, confirmation or a birthday - but gold jewelry can also make you shine on more ordinary occasions where you wear jewelry in gold at work, on the beach with your swimsuit, with your girlfriends at the cafe or at home by yourself.

Experiment with your gold or gold-plated earrings

At A-Hjort you will find different styles and trends within gold earrings. When it comes to gold earrings, we therefore advise you to experiment with all sorts of different shapes, colors and sizes, because the mix of the gold earrings you like makes your look completely unique and personal. If you have multiple holes in your ears, it can be super nice to wear smaller gold ear studs in the top holes and wear larger hoops in gold or gold plated chain earrings in the bottom holes. That way you create a super nice effect with a golden touch.

Brilliant necklaces in gold and gold plated

Gold necklaces are absolutely essential because they are so distinctive. When you add a gold necklace, it reflects against the the sun and you therefore get a completely natural look. A necklace in gold can give your outfit charm and warmth, whether you are into the classic gold jewelry or you would rather go with the more flashy gold accessories. At A-Hjort you can find the chunky gold necklaces that can stand alone with a simple top and a blazer, but you can also find a perfect, thin gold-plated necklace, where you can add a gold pendant to it as you like.

Timeless gold rings and goldplated finger rings as a gift

"Put a ring on it" said the American singer Beyoncé in the song "Single Ladies", and she is absolutely right in that phrase. There is nothing better than decorating yourself with rings and especially rings in gold. Well, then it should be recieving a gold ring as a gift from someone you care about. Gold rings are perfect to give as a Christmas gift, confirmation gift, birthday gift or as a valentine gift because gold equals exclusivity and luxury. Giving a piece of gold jewelery as a gift can therefore be the gift giver's way of expressing a completely extraordinary love. At A-Hjort you have the opportunity to find the perfect ring in gold. If you can not decide on which finger to wear your gold ring, then the adjustable gold rings are perfect for you. Find exactly the gold ring that suits your style the best and choose between gold rings in adventurous shapes from Maanesten, gold rings with energetic expressions from Sistie, simple statement rings in gold from Pernille Corydon, glowing and luxurious gold finger rings from Izabel Camille or find your next gold ring as a gift from Enamel Copenhagen, STINE A Jewelry, Carré, A-Hjort or our other popular jewelry brands!

The combination of several beautiful metals

Jewelry fashion expresses a trend in the mix of gold and silver jewelry at the same time, and we at A-Hjort would like to be a part of that! You can calmly mix and match your rings, bracelets, ankle chains, necklaces and earrings with both silver and gold jewelry, so you create your very own unique look. For example, find silver jewelry here.

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