What jewellery materials are sold at A-Hjort?

All A-Hjort jewelery complies with the Danish legal requirements for the release of nickel, cadmium, lead and mercury. Nickel allergy sufferers can therefore also calmly and safely buy jewelry at A-Hjort.

At A-Hjort we sell the following materials:

  • Silver → sterling silver 925 with a natural untreated surface
  • Gold-plated → sterling silver 925 gold-plated with 18-24 carat gold
  • Oxidized → sterling silver 925 which is oxidized and therefore gets a nice rustic and darker surface
  • Pink gold plated → sterling silver 925 with a fine layer of gold mixed with copper
  • Rhodium-plated silver → sterling silver 925 which is varnished and has a darker black / gray surface

In addition, some of our jewelry designers also use:

  • Real gold from 8-14 carats
  • Diamonds
  • Precious stones including zircons

Exceptions: PICO uses sterling silver or brass as a base in all their items.