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Dyrberg / Kern jewellery

"Life is a travel through time, You live, You love, You learn, Never knowing what comes next, Enjoy the trip and accept it's not the destination that counts... It's the journey..."

- Gitte Dyrberg and Henning Kern

What does it take to create a Danish jewellery brand that resonates with beauty and sensuality in the hearts and minds of women all around the world? It usually takes someone with exceptional talent, vision, passion and perseverance. In this case of Dyrberg / Kern it took the designer duo Gitte Dyrberg and Henning Kern. The duo has created the most beautiful Danish-designed jewellery for more than 30 years together. Their unique chemistry and creative energy make sure that they continue to innovate and create new jewellery and watches that constantly amazes and fascinates us all.

Dyrberg / Kern jewellery and watches are glamorous, female and bountiful. Designed for the strong, modern and self-confident woman who is not afraid to stand out and get attention.


Panthea Multi necklace

Dyrberg / Kern - Necklace - Goldplated sterling silver 925 - Adjustable

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    Dyrberg / Kerns collection

    By A-Hjort You will find a huge selection of the hottest jewellery from Dyrberg / Kern. A-Hjort is always updated on the latest styles and trends.
    You will of course always find the newest collections at A-Hjort!
    In addition, A-Hjort has ALL of Dyrberg / Kern bestsellers "ICONS" as well as a huge selection of the most popular watches.

    "Classic, elegant, and easy to wear, simple jewellery pieces with a wow factor, workable for modern and confident women - unique to brand essence." - Gitte Dyrberg

    Dyrberg / Kern materials and colours

    Dyrberg / Kern jewellery is made by hand and undergo numerous processes. After each process is carried out quality control.

    Material choices The materials can either get a silver, gold or rose gold colored coating that gives the jewelry a beautiful brilliance and an incredibly durable surface against wear.
    Stainless steel - strong, incredibly durable material
    Brass - soft, malleable material
    Sharowski crystals "Made with Sharowski element" is an expression of recognizing precisely carved crystal pieces that Dyrberg / Kern have carefully selected for most of their jewelry.
    Others Dyrberg / Kern also uses beautiful zirconia, bevelled crystals, faux pearls and Mother of pearls in the finest colors.

    A-Hjort recommends – Dyrberg / Kern favourites

    1. Dyrberg / Kern's different bangles/bracelets are cool, feminine and delicious. For example the SHINE bracelet and Cony bracelet that you can mix with other bracelets in a variety of ways.
    2. A watch from Dyrberg / Kern is so beautiful, feminine and timeless - and our favourite watch is Privilegia SL.
    3. The ultra festive and elegant Ellen earrings are perfect both to style up your everyday outfit or to mix with a black party dress.

    Mix and match with Dyrberg / Kern

    Dyrberg / Kern jewellery can be mixed in endless beautiful variations. You can mix the jewellery to a raw and cool look, for a festive, sexy, feminine and sensual look or a sophisticated everyday look. The possibilities are endless - and this is something that is so amazing about their jewellery! Wear your jewellery from Dyrberg / Kern - and you will certainly be noticed and admired - and you can create your own style. It's so cool to mix a lot of their bracelets and one of their watches such as the Lorbel bracelet, Nivalis bracelets and Privilegia SL.