A-Hjort Valentine's Day jewelry

This year we have all shown the need for a little extra love and attention from those we love - and here's Valentine's Day an obvious chance to show your love with a personal piece of jewelry and a beautiful personal greeting.

Nyla Earrings from Maanesten

At A-Hjort, we pack your jewelry beautifully in the original jewelry boxes and in a beautiful gift box.
We are happy to attach a personal card, where we write your very own special love greeting to someone you care about - you decide the text yourself when you order online.

Once we have carefully wrapped your gift, we will send it to wherever you wish. You can send directly to the gift recipient, home to your own front door or to a parcel shop just the place in the country you may wish.

Below, Anne Hjort gives her best bids for this year's Valentine's Day gifts from A-Hjort:

Personalized pendants are always a great idea for Valentines Day.

You can easily mix 2-3 different pendants yourself, of which you think fit the person and then put them on one of our A-Hjort anchor chains - here you see a letter and heart pendant from Enamel Copenhagen.

Another beautiful and personalized gift for Valentine's Day is to give the person the zodiac sign as a gift. To make it extra cute, you might want to write a little text in the personal card about what exactly characterizes just that person with that zodiac sign.

Poppy Earrings from Maanesten - Super romantic and feminin. 

A beautiful jewelry box is also a really good Valentine’s Day gift - I have put together my favorite mixes and you always save 20% on them, rather than if you had to buy the jewelry individually.

Here you see, for example, Anne's Favorites 1, Sunkissed with the popular Paloma earrings from Maanesten, the finest Therese necklace from Pernille Corydon and A-Hjort's own bracelet Kiss- and Zircons Bracelet.

I Love You Necklace from Enamel Copenhagen - say it with love. 

Melissa Bentsen ring from Sistie - soft feminine shapes.

Harpa necklace from Maanesten - dreamy beauty.

Little Love bracelet from Enamel Copenhagen - say it with your heart.

On Valentine’s Day, you can pamper someone you want to give a special loving thought.
You can send a beautiful piece of jewelry to your grandmother, who may be a little lonely, to your aunt in Germany, whom you do not see very often, or to your beloved friend or boyfriend.

Andreas necklace from A-Hjort will always be my favorite Valentine’s jewelry.

Do you have a favorite Valentine's piece of jewelry?

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We have gathered all our favorite gift ideas for the perfect Valentine's Day right here!

“Sometimes, someone comes into your life, so unexspectedly, takes your heart by surprise, and changes your life forever”

Have a beautiful and loving Valentine’s Day ❤️

KH Anne 💘