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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Below you will find a collection of frequently asked questions and our answers.

If you still need answers to your questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.

How do I get in touch with A-Hjort?

Go to our contact page. There you will be able to see all the details.


Ring size chart

Combine the rings as you want. Some of our rings are available down to very small sizes while others are available up to very large sizes or adjustable.

NB: You can find your size by measuring the diameter in millimeters of a ring you already have.

13,4 mm / Str. 42
14,0 mm / Str. 44
14,6 mm / Str. 46
15,9 mm / Str. 50
16,5 mm / Str. 52
17,5 mm / Str. 55


18,1 mm / Str. 57
18,5 mm / Str. 58
18,8 mm / Str. 59



Ring sizes international

Diameter mm (milimeters) Euro size mm (FR, RU, DK, SE, NO, FI, DE) US size (US, CA, MX) British size (UK, AU, NZ, ZA, FI)
13,4 42 2,2 D 1/2
14 44 3 F
14,6 46 3,7 G 1/2
15,9 50 5,3 K
16,5 52 6,1 L 1/2
17,5 55 7,2 O
18,1 57 8 P 1/2
18,5 58 8 2/5 Q 1/2

Dyrberg/Kern ring sizes:

str. I: size 51
str. II: size 54
str. III: size 57
str. IIII: size 60

Suggestions for size use:  
Babyfinger: Index finger:
Euro size Euro size
46/50 55/57/58
Ring finger: Thumb:
Euro size Euro size
50/52/55/57/58 55/57/58
Middle finger: Midi/tip rings:
Euro size Euro size
55/57/58 42/44/46/50

Euro size corresponding to those of these ring sizes:

XX-small: size 49

X-small: size 51

Small: size 53

Medium: size 55

Large: size 57

That is, if you are a little small for example then choose str. 52. Are you rather a large size Small select a size 54 - and so on.
For questions please write to me at!

Bracelet size chart

At A- Hjort , we have so many different types of bracelets .
We have big, small, thin, powerful and with or without precious stones or diamonds.
We have bracelets at all price levels and our hope is that no matter what style you have, you can find a bracelet that suits you.

Almost all our jewelry designers make their bracelets in adjustable sizes up to 5-8 cm.

If the bracelet is not adjustable the diameter or length of the bracelet will always be mentioned under the product description of the bracelet.

All of our Dyrberg / Kern bracelets, we have chosen to have in size 1. This size suit almost everybody. However, if you have bigger wrists, you can easily write in the comment box at the check-out that you want a size 2 or 3 instead.
str . 1: 63 * 63 mm
str . 2: 65 * 65 mm
str . 3: 67 * 67 mm

How to look after your jewellery

We would suggest that you always remove your jewellery when taking a bath, sunbathing, cleaning, doing sports and gardening. By doing this you will protect your beautiful Pernille Corydon jewellery as well as possible. Also, protect your jewellery from sharp edges, sunlight and extreme heat and cold. The jewellery should not come into contact with nail polish remover, perfume, hairspray and other chemicals.

What are the surface treatments on the jewellery?

Oxidized sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver and rose gold plated sterling silver are surface treatments which will, in time, wear off or the colours will fade. Jewellery with surface treatments will wear and age, and gradually the silver will begin to show. The jewellery will remain beautiful in its own way – it will have a story and character to it. Silver jewellery will gradually darken. It can be polished to a shine again using silver polish. Rhodanization is a lacquer that lasts really well, but if scratches or holes occur in the lacquer they will not disappear.

Can I have the jewellery wrapped as a present?

All the jewellery from A-Hjort is delivered in attractive original boxes. 

I am happy to gift wrap the jewellery. I can also write short personal messages to go with the gifts. When you go to checkout you can add on gift wrapping and write a message, if any, to go on the enclosed card.

I can also provide gift certificates.