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"High quality with attention to detail made by designers that take pride in createing jewellery that makes you happy"

- Aagaard

Aagaard is a Danish jewellery brand which designs the prettiest, feminine and simple jewellery to reallt good prices. They make jewellery pieces that are both beautiful and classic but trendy at the same time. The quality on the jewellery is really high and we are really impressed - take in mind that they use real gemstones, sterling silver 925 and gold plate their jewellery with 3 Micron, the price is really good. Aagaard is always focused on creating jewellery with individual looks that easily can be mixed and match, to give you the ability to dress up any look to something special.

"I'm married to Hans, but engaged to Aagard - our collaboration is pure love and at perfect match for life."

- Sofie Lassen-Kahlke, Actress

"Jewellery for me is a way to complete and balancing an outfit. A cute outfit is mixed with some raw jewllery pieces and vice versa."

- Stine Bramsen, Singer

Aagaard collection

At A-Hjort we have a huge selection of Aagaards jewellery.
They mainly focus on the simple, feminine jewellery with stunning zirconias, thin bracelets, classic and elegant necklaces and stylish designs from Aagaards different collections.
We really like have the Aagaard design expressions fit into our other brands!

Aagaard materials and colours

Aagaard jewellery is available in the following materials:
Silver – sterling silver 925 with a blank surface
Gold plated – sterling silver 925, gold plated with 18 carat gold
Rhodanized silver – sterling silver 925 which has been lacquered to give it a darker black/grey surface
White Rhodanized silver - sterling silver 925, which has been lacquered to give it a more silvery surface

Mix and match with Aagaard

We think that the jewellery from Aagaard fit perfectly into our other brands, and we love the jewellery so much!
We that the jewellery pieces can be mixed really very well with each other.
Aagaard is also super easy to mix with some of other designers.