Anton ring from A-Hjort in Silver Sterling 925

Anton ring

Anton ring from A-Hjort in Silver Sterling 925

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Brand: A-Hjort

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Type: Ring


Silver color


Silver Sterling 925

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A-Hjort's unique Anton ring is designed by A-Hjort owner Anne Hjort Lund herself.
The ring is of high quality sterling silver 925 or with 1 micron 24 ct. goldplating on top of Sterling silver 925.

52 but adjustable 2 sizes bigger or smaller
54 but adjustable 2 sizes bigger or smaller

Pendant size: 1 cm x1 cm

When Anne designed the first style - her Anton bracelet she was very interested in how you could remind yourself to be good to yourself and take care of yourself in a busy and hectic everyday life.
Late one night she encounters for the first time the word CHI, which means life energy which flows through everything: your body, soul, spirit and everything in the universe.
- and then the design quickly came forward.
The tiny zircon in the middle of the pendant is the symbol of you - and around is a thick protective area filled with love, peace, or anything you want it to be filled with.
The name of the bracelet Anton is not a coincidence.
Anne's youngest son is called Anton and has gone through a lot in his first 3 years of life - including hernia, eczema, milk allergy and he also have JRA.
For Anne, he is the symbol of life energy - he is the definition of life with a lot of drive and zest for life daily reminds her of how fragile life can be and that you have to remember to live in the moment and with love close around you.

Anne has now expanded the popular Anton bracelet to a quite small jewellery collection.
Andreas is the name of Anne's eldest son and like Andreas is Anton's big brother - Andreas jewellery is also the "big brother" to Anton's jewellery.
It is the same design but in a tripled in size.