A-Hjort rings

A-Hjort's unique rings are designed by A-Hjort owner Anne Hjort Lund herself and are characterized as beautiful, sophisticated, sparkling and simple rings in a timeless design! The rings are in high quality sterling silver 925 or with 1 micron 24 ct. gilding on top of Sterling Silver 925.


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A-Hjort jewelry tells a story

Many of A-Hjort's designs are created with a personal story or attitude behind them. It is not entirely coincidental, for example, that the Anton ring came to be called Anton. Anne's youngest son, Anton, has gone through a lot in his first 3 years of life - including hernia, eczema, milk allergy and arthritis. For Anne, he is the symbol of life energy - he is a piece of life with the greatest zeal and joy of life that daily reminds her how fragile life can be.

How many rings do you mix with?

One of the coolest things about today's trends in finger rings is that it is not forbidden to mix several rings across collections, sizes and styles. At A-Hjort, we therefore mix both gold, rose and silver rings, to get a super personal and unique look. Many of the rings are styled with the most beautiful zircons. We love to style the rings in different mixes and match both with each other but also with other of our rings from the shop. It can also be incredibly beautiful to go with 3 different rings on one hand and put a larger Statement ring on the other hand. That way, you create a contrast and a unique look that no one but yourself has.
Keep in mind that your ring finger, for example, may be smaller than your index finger, and you therefore need to know your measurements on your different fingers, depending on which fingers you want to mix rings on. See here our overview of ring sizes.

The iconic A-Hjort rings

A-Hjort loves the ability to mix and match rings depending on the look you go for. You are free to really express yourself through the rings you choose to wear to your outfit. Your jewelry look can be topped with one of A-Hjort's beautiful and iconic zircon rings, which is made for you who love the look with a shiny crystal on your finger.

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Take a look at our online outlet, where you can be lucky to find A-Hjort rings and other jewelry on offer.